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Western Cape (Cape Town) - The Dogwalker

The Dogwalker will ensure that at least man's best friend doesn't ever feel neglected or taken for granted. Basically we do 45min walks either in mountain, parks, forests, sea, rain or storm. We collect the dogs at the house and take them to walk and drop off. We try not to do more than 5 dogs at a time to try build a relationship with each dog. We do a little bit of training on the walks and have seen miraculous changes in their behaviour. Especially building trust and them knowing that we are the pack leaders and will protect them. They have lots of fun, swimming and playing and especially socialising with each other. We also focus on weight loss and have another company called PetzGym where we work hand in hand with vets to work out a eating plan and we do individualised and specific training to suit each dog and where they are at health wise. The whole aim of this business is to avoid them from forming hip problems and to prolong their life span.
Allow us the pleasure of walking your dog when you are unable to.

Please phone Gavin on 078 410 9355 for appointments in the Cape Town CBD or email Gavin
Please phone Lee on 082 452 1154 for appointments in the Southern Suburbs or email Lee
Website: www.thedogwalker.co.za
Blogspot: http://thedoggwalker.blogspot.com

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