A truly fabulous book!

Dear Sharyn and Janine,

Thank you for a truly fabulous book.
My husband and I wanted to take our two German Shepherds away with us in December to Cape Town. I bought your book to find somewhere to stay en route. I was a little dismayed when I read your notes that you shouldn't travel with dogs that are not sociable as mine are not! They are fine with cats and birds and love my sister's dachshund but just don't like other dogs (this is despite puppy training and dog training!). They even go to the local park every day, but still no joy! I took your advice and wrote a very honest email to the places in your book explaining that my dogs didn't really like other dogs and would need an enclosed garden. I was delighted to have so many positive and helpful replies.

We have found a lovely place to stay with an enclosed garden so my two can be free to be themselves. Thank you for all your hard work and for making sure even my two "lacking in social graces" dogs can get away!

Debbie Tavener Smith