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Gauteng (Johannesburg - Kensington) - Mandeville Dog Training Club

mandeville_dog_training_clubMandeville Dog Training Club

We are a dog training club that looks at canine good citizen and obedience training.

We promote a social approach to training and believe that a trained dog is a happy dog.

We only use positive reinforcement, which means that the dog is rewarded for the correct action or behaviour.

We also have a puppy socialisation class which introduces your puppy into an environment with other puppies and dogs as well as building the platform for obedience and canine good citizen training.

What you put in, you will get out! Everything in dog training depends on you and your dedication to build a good relationship with your dog.

We are based in Kensington, Johannesburg, using the Queens High School grounds.

Please visit our website www.mandevilledogclub.co.za for additional information or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .