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Johannesburg - Walkerville - Kenelm Luxury Boarding Kennels

johannesburg-walkerville-kenelm-luxury-boarding-kennels-01Kenelm offers luxury boarding for your beloved dogs in secure country surroundings.

Offering ample shade and furnished with beautiful garden kennels, Kenelm Kennels is under 24-hour owner supervision and has a 24-hour veterinarian on standby.

Each kennel has its own safe and secure grassed area and there are also exercise runs for high energy dogs.

Special needs are catered for at Kenelm e.g. convalescence, in season bitches, pensioners and long-term boarding.

We also have a grooming facility available for boarders who need it.

Our standard daily out of season rate for a GSD is R120 per day plus R45 for a garden kennel. In season the price increases.  

Retirement Facility for Pets

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One of our unique features is that we offer a Retirement Facility for pets who are unable to accompany their owners overseas or into retirement complexes, homes, frail care centres etc.

We have accommodated 2 retired dogs previously. The owners went to Germany and couldn't take the dogs with them. Essentially, the client pays for the construction of a good kennel. They provide a medical policy if the pet is young enough, or contract with our vet to pay the bills. We then charge a fixed rate payable quarterly in advance. There are no additional charges for bathing and grooming, play time, socialising, parasite control or food and treats. For example, a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) would cost around R2500 per month, plus vet bills paid directly to the vet. There would be no increases for the rest of the pet's life. The cost is dog size and/or breed dependant. It's a very good way for someone to place a pet in full time care at reasonable cost, with the assurance of a good, caring, safe environment.

We also assist with immigration and pet relocation and travel.

For more information, or to book your dog/s into Kenelm, please contact Dawn:

Tel: 011 949 4177
Cell: 072 195 9205
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it