Want to be listed?

Please contact us if you would like to Advertise or be listed under Accommodation, Pet Spaces or Pet Services.
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We are currently running a special on petfriendly accommodation web ads whereby you get a free listing in our Petfriendly Directory (annual book/travel guide) and on our upcoming app, when you advertise on our website, www.petfriendly.co.za.

If you have more than one property, we can offer you a rebate whereby you only have to pay R200 for the second property with all the benefits of your other ad.

Here is more of what we offer:

  • ads from R455 once-off for 12 months = works out to R38 p.m.
  • your own page with unlimited text;
  • up to 13 photos;
  • enquiries come directly to you;
  • bookings come directly to you;
  • no commissions or hidden fees;
  • a free listing in our upcoming 8th edition of The South African Petfriendly Directory 2016;
  • a free listing on our upcoming Petfriendly App (iOS);
  • a NEWSFLASH showcasing your new ad on a PDF emailed to our extensive database;
  • announcement with a link to your ad on our Facebook and Twitter pages;
  • we are no.1 on Google and other searches for petfriendly accommodation in South Africa;
  • we have a 98% renewal rate with our advertisers - feel free to contact any we have listed;

Download the rates and booking form now – one for accommodation, one for businesses and services.  Rates quoted are a once-off payment for the 12-month contract period so there are no monthly instalments to worry about.

pdfAdvertising Rates & Booking Form for Businesses, Services & Products143.46 KB
docxAdvertising Rates & Booking Form for Businesses, Services & Products152.98 KB

pdfAdvertising Rates & Booking Form for Petfriendly Accommodation204.33 KB
docxAdvertising Rates & Booking Form for Petfriendly Accommodation156.99 KB

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As mentioned, we can also offer you a FREE LISTING in the upcoming 8th edition of our award-winning petfriendly travel guide and book, The South African Petfriendly Directory, when you advertise on our website.

For more details on our 2014 consumer award, click here.

The new 8th edition will be available in February 2016 and runs for a minimum of 1 year.
Due to Publication deadlines, this Free Listing Offer is only valid until the 11th of January 2015.