Mythology is essentially the ancient religion or belief system of a group of people and throughout history the cat has featured prominently. Members of the cat family are native to most parts of the world except Australia, Madagascar and a few isolated islands. Humans tend to either love or hate cats. Whilst we are unable to establish the exact origin of the domestic cat, it has managed to fill a unique socio-ecological niche since humans began to develop an agriculturally based way of life. The ancestors of the domestic cat are most likely the African wildcat, tamed and honoured by the ancient Egyptians, and named mau.

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Dogs have been associated with humans throughout the ages, and played a significant role in the transition from hunter-gatherer to an agricultural way of life. Without the assistance of the dog, humans may have taken longer to hunt successfully. Later on, dogs were used to guard homesteads and livestock and have also been used to pull carts, run alongside carriages and rescue people from the sea and snow.

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