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To most of us, a pet is as loved, doted on and cared for as any other member of the family, (and in some cases maybe even more!).

We love our animals because they don’t care what we wear, what job we have, or what our social status is, all they care about is loving us unconditionally no matter what, as long as they are kept well fed and given a tasty treat once in a while.

So when one of our beloved pets goes missing it can be a very traumatic experience, one where we find ourselves thinking about every possibility, over and over again. Are they lost? Are they hurt? Has someone taken them in? The list goes on and on: and you get more anxious by the minute.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to make sure that if your pet does go astray, you can bring them back home!

The solution is BackHome from Virbac, South Africa’s first mini microchip. After a decade of excellence in Pet Electronic Identification, Virbac introduced the BackHome mini microchip, that is 33% smaller than traditional microchips; and has BIG benefits for you and most importantly, your pets. This microchip is quickly and painlessly implanted into your pet, so if they go missing veterinarians and animal welfare shelters can use their microchip scanners, to call up your pets’ unique BackHome identification number. This number is then referenced to the database, which provides your contact details. So, thanks to BackHome from Virbac you’ll get that wonderful call reuniting you with your pet.

Your probably thinking, but isn’t the implantation process painful for them? The answer is no. BackHome only takes a few seconds to implant and does not require an anesthetic. Smaller than a grain of rice, the BackHome mini microchip is encapsulated in parylene a tissue friendly material which reduces the possibility of migration of the chip. The transponder is completely passive and does not provoke any harm or allergies.

BackHome microchips are a permanent form of identification that cannot be tampered with ensuring proof of ownership of your pet. Our BackHome database will only allow change of ownership if both the new owner and previous owner sign the forms.

With BackHome you only pay for the cost of implanting the microchip and your information is registered and maintained at no additional cost. What’s more, you’ll have real-time access to the details of your pet on the database, allowing you to add alternative contact details such as when you are going on holiday etc.

Responsible pet owners microchip their pets to make sure they come back home. Available at your favourite vet, BackHome gives the peace of mind of a lifetime of pet identification at an affordable once-off cost.



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