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Online shopping is the norm these days – so why should it be any different when shopping for your pets?


Whether you’re looking for pet food, pet accessories, or anything else pet-related, the below online pet stores are the best in the business.

With products and brands that are trusted in South Africa and throughout the world, we point you in the right direction so that you can give your furry little family members the best.


Remember – less time running around looking for the perfect dog food means more time running around with your perfect buddy


😊 Who’s a good human? You’re a good human…

Takealot Pets

Pet World

Pup Chef

Pet Heaven

Canine & Co

Express Pet Supples

Kindred Pet

Absolute Pets

Complete Pet Supplies

Pet Hero

Fur Ball Pet

Faithful to Nature

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Pet Friendly is working hard to build a community of pet-friendly business owners who have something special to share with the world.

Get listed with Pet Friendly today and make your pet store a part of our community.


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