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Exercise without weight-bearing through the resistance of the water thereby building muscle bulk to support affected areas with the comfort and stability of the water.


Able to assess and treat neuromuscular-skeletal disease much the same as human physios. Employ physical therapy techniques to increase function and mobility of joints and muscles. (Massage, ultrasound/ light therapy/ TENS, passive range of motion, balance and strengthening exercises).


Insertion of needles into specific points in the body to achieve therapy & balance. Holistic concept of diagnosis & treatment which utilises the body’s own ability to repair itself. It is one of the safest therapies available when performed by a properly trained veterinarian. Needles have rounded ends, not cutting ends, so they separate the skin & muscles. Conditions that can be treated include musculoskeletal system disorders, immune system boosters, arthritis & hip dysplasia, intervertebral disk disease, muscles spasms & tension , effective in pain management , nervous system & neurological disorders and degenerative myelopathy.

Tui Na massage:

Pain modulation by encouraging natural healing and improve functioning. Restoring posture by decreasing pain and muscle spasms.

TTellington TTouch:

A system of gentle bodywork and movement exercises which positively influence behaviour and wellbeing in dogs including body wraps, groundwork and Labyrinths. TTouch is based on co-operation, understanding and will deepen the relationship between dogs and their people.

Training & Behaviour Modification:

Solve behaviour issues, whether it’s aggression, leash reactivity, lunging on walks, or over exuberance. We address your dog’s state of mind, resulting in a calm, relaxed, happy dog, which is a pleasure to live with. Individual or group lessons available.

Body Stress Release (BSR):

Gentle and effective way to help your pet’s body to release stored tension from the muscles, pain modulation by encouraging natural healing and improve functioning. Improve posture by decreasing pain and muscle spasms.
Reiki:Non-invasive, painless method to help your pet to release pain, reduce stress, to rebalance the energy, by speeding up the healing process. It increases self-healing capacity of the animal and works well in conjunction with other therapies.


Increasing blood flow to the affected area, improving circulation, and reducing swelling. It improves extensibility of connective tissue and  elasticity of fibrous tissue. Reduces tension, muscle spasm & pain. Decreasing scar tissue and inflammation. Promote improved wound healing.
Laser:Increases blood flow to damaged tissue and cells through microcirculation which is extremely beneficial for post-surgical cases as it reduces & alleviates chronic and acute pain faster and more efficiently than any other modality. Increased circulation in the body increasing vasodilation and activating the lymphatic drainage system, by reducing pro-inflammatory mediators. Reducing inflammation and swelling. Excellent treatment modality for pain and arthritis. Improves oxygenation to the cells of affected injured tissue.  Improves cell health and functionality. Stimulates cell metabolism which stimulates cellular enzymes to make more energy by escalating protein synthesis and cell metabolism. Enhances the transportation of essential nutrition to the cells and damaging by-products are deposed.  Decreases tissue inflammation and reduces general edema (fluid trapped in body tissue).  Activate immune cells in the immune system and reduces bacteria and infection in the treatment region which brings faster recovery and restoration to injured tissue. Encourages release of natural painkillers (endorphins). Shorter treatment time is required, quicker recovery for the patient which is drug-free therapy and non-invasive in technology. Free of side effects. Also used in rehabilitation.


Lasting muscle relaxation, contraction of muscles, nerve stimulation & regeneration, blood circulation, pain control, builds muscle mass & strength, accelerates tissue healing & circulation.

Light Therapy:

Enhances blood flow, healing & pain relief, stimulates immune response, non-invasive, calming & anti-inflammatory, higher oxygenation of blood, endorphin and serotonin secretion, stimulates the energy production, reduces swelling, prevent degeneration of tissues like nerves, bone/joints and blood vessel



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