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Detailed Information
  • Holistic Veterinary Services
  • Simply Pets Raw Food
  • Simply Natural Remedies
  • Organic, Vegan, Paleo, Banting Ranges
  • veterinary formulated complete raw food diets for cats and dogs.
  • qualified holistic veterinary services with homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, crystal healing and more.
  • health and lifestyle advice and products for people and pets, which are earth friendly, via our shops and online.
  • monthly specials.
  • unique integration between the health of people pets and their environment.
  • a truly integrated health approach to both disease and living in optimal health.

Earth * People * Pets

Healthy Foods * Eco-Friendly * Natural Products

Gauteng: 072 113 1092
Cape: 044 343 1730



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