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Compass Education and Training courses are now available in South Africa!

Pet Sense College, in partnership with Compass Education and Training, is now offering courses to South African students who want to work with animals in a professional capacity.

Our seven canine and feline correspondence courses are exclusive ranging from level 3 diplomas to degree equivalent level 5 diplomas.

There are many people in South Africa who make a living out of working with animals because it’s just something that they are really good at. These courses give them the opportunity to augment their calling with expanded knowledge and a formal qualification.

Registration is open all year round. You decide when you are ready to register as all our courses are correspondence.  There are no exams as you are marked on course work and module projects.  You can work at your own pace, within reason.  We believe there should be a limit, as the longer the gap between modules the more you need to reacquaint yourself with previous work.

Our payment options are flexible.  You can either pay for the whole course or pay per module.  For more terms and conditions, have a look at our FAQ page and refund policy on our website.

We accept payments from VISA or Mastercard via PayFast.  You can pay using a debit, cheque or credit card.

Visit our website for more information or contact the founder/owner, Celia McCulla, on 083 407 1316.



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